The First Term

As the first official term of Pelican Music Ltd providing high quality Instrumental and Theory lessons draws to a close and we enter term number 2, I thought I would reflect on the journey so far.

It seems like a long time ago, I came home and said to my partner "I am going to start a Music School in September" , he looked at me sceptically and said "really? Do you know how hard that will be?" (this was in March 2014, so I was cutting it fine) . He was right about the hard part but here we are one term in, and Pelican Music is up and running. 

In early September, my wonderful private students followed me over to Pelican Music, and started their 2014-15 tuition in the little cottage in St Stephens CoE primary school. I am incredibly lucky to have access to 3 wonderful teaching rooms in this small little house, and now it is filled with music from 9.00 till 7.30pm 5 days a week! Originally the plan was for me to run Pelican music as an after school music school, and to continue to run the music department for St Stephens separately during the day, however in late August the school approached me to absorb the running completely into Pelican Music. So now each week we teach around 130 lessons! Not bad for 4 months!

At the end of September, one of my students, nine year old Kenza Stamselberg played her first solo violin recital to around 40 people in Sloane Square. She played a variety of works from Vivaldi to Kreisler, and even a piece written by her father Rune Stamselberg. She raised £240 pounds for Youth Music , who wrote about her on their facebook page and shared a video of her playing in the recital. Congratulations Kenza on your achievements this term!

We also saw 5 of our students make the move from primary to secondary education with 2 of them starting year 7 with a grade 5 or above! All 5 of them have tacked the challenges of increased work load as well as continued practice and progression incredibly well, and they continue to impress me with their maturity and musicality. I am sure they will become indispensable to their new schools music departments, and both myself and their teachers are really looking forward to seeing what they will do in this next stage of their learning. 

Pelican Music Days were started this term, and we gave our final concert on December 6th. There were around 25 children involved, ranging from aged 4 to 14, who spent 3 Saturdays playing and singing from 2-5pm. Along with my crack team of Andrew Boushell , Michael Bryan , and Rachel Gorman the children started their day learning sol fah, with Andrew and myself. Not only did the children sing in front of their parents, but they also sang in a round! After their aural lesson, the children went on to play in full orchestra, which was a sensational amount of noise! What I loved about it was that not only were the older more experienced players challenged, but the youngest students, some of which had only been playing for a few weeks, could play alongside them and be inspired by them. For the final portion of the day, Rachel took all the string students under a Grade 3 standard, where they played Autumn by Vivaldi. Mike took all the woodwind, brass and percussion who played an arrangement of Ode to joy, and I took the string players above a grade 3 standard who were split into a duet and a trio. 

The concert was a great success, and it was absolutely wonderful to celebrate all their hard work! I am really looking forward to another exciting term, so watch this space!

Happy new year!

Agnes Daniel - Director